Right About Everything

Ep162: The Bad Ass Old Man

For Stream Notifications: https://discord.gg/53CHUMKH GeoPol & local chat: 0:00-18:42 Gay Sheriff vs Black Sheriff: 18:42 80 year old dude shoots black robbers: 33:50 then the rest of the show & civ war talk. Best Quality: https://thatswhathappened.tv/ep162-the-bad-ass-old-man/

04. Aug. 2022

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Ep161: Fixing The Internet, Once & For All

Web 3 doesn't belong to big tech, it will belong to us. These programs are the future of the internet.

28. Jul. 2022

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Ep160: Shooter's Payouts

Families of criminals and victims are getting 10's of thousands of dollars, Dave Chappelle gets the boot and more in todays show.

22. Jul. 2022

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Ep159: Antarctic Adventures

New space images we overpaid for, Antarctica is hiring, There may be a virus in this ancient crystal, and story time from /x/

18. Jul. 2022

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Ep158: Semper Fi, Do or Die

The Demon Machine is awake, Mummies are unwrapped, somalians are shooting up cities, and our veterans are crying. Enjoy!

07. Jul. 2022

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Ep157: The Staircase Out Of Hell

CA Doxxed Millions of Gun Owners, and homelessness and crime has reached comical levels in MPLS. Parents of college students are reacting poorly this week to gun violence at frat row. Also, we found a magical staircase.

30. Jun. 2022

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Ep156: Lubing The Volcano


27. Jun. 2022

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RAE meets ANC

18. Jun. 2022

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